Referee Program

The Referee program at Warrington consists of two levels of certifications -- State Certified & Black Shirt Certified.

Becoming a Soccer Referee:

  • All referees must be at least 14 years of age.
  • Must complete and pass a state Background Check
  • Must complete the required training for the below levels.

State Certified Referee are level 8 or Higher and can referee all Youth and Adult travel and Intramural games as either a Center official or Assitant Referee.  These referees must take an initial 18 hour entry level class and must pass a written examination with a score of 80 or better.  To maintain their certification level, every year each  referee must take a 5 hour refresher course and pass a written examination with a score of 80 or better. 

Black Shirt Certified Referee are club certified referees and are used primarily to referee Under 10 and younger games.  These referees attend a 2hour training session prior to each season to review the laws of the game and any modifications that were made for the age group games they may act as the referee. 

Black Shirt Training Fall 2017

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