Warrington Soccer General Field Information

Please treat all fields, facilities and equipmemnt with respect. Please remember we are guests at all facilities. It is important to note that all Townships have restrictions as to pets on sports fields. They are not permitted.

If you notice something unsafe or in need of repair please notify the Soccer Club immediately.
Once again, do not move goals at any site for any reason. This causes undue stress on the frames and weights, reduces their service life and creates an unsafe condition. The goals may tip over and result in injury or death.

Restroom Facilities:
There are both portable and public restrooms at IPW. 
There are public restrooms at King Fields. 
There are public restrooms at Meyer Way.
There are portable restrooms at Turk.

Please keep all facilities clean and in good condition.

We are not permitted to have restroom facilities at  Jamison School or the Warrington Fellowship Church because it is a school site and or private property, so plan accordingly. There are gas stations at the corners near all the fields or use Meyer Way Community Park.
Warrington Fellowship Church -- children are not permitted to play in or on the playground equipment. The church does not, nor does the club carry the insurances for this. This is a private site that they graciously let us use. In return they ask only that we keep it clean and stay off the playground equipment.
Please use the recycle cans at the various sites if they are available.
All Sites:
No parking on any grass areas, park in designated areas only.
Do not drop off players or equipment along Bradley Road at IPW, EVEN IF IT IS RAINING.
Do not park in the Yorktowne development at Meyer Way.
Just remember, we are guests at all our sites and have to apply for permits every year.